Information Needed For A Death Certificate


death certificateAs a general rule we will need the following for the death certificates in most states and territories of the United States:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Date of death
  5. Approximate time of death
  6. Family Doctor’s name and address, or the address of the medical examiner in some cases.
  7. Name of spouse if the deceased was married
  8.  Name of informant or person giving the information for the death certificate
  9. Name of both parents, in the case of mother the maiden name is usually required
  10. If the person who died was a Veteran or a Peace Officer during their live time
  11. Race
  12. If the deceased was Hispanic, we will need the nationality, [Mexican American, Salvadorian or Columbian for example].
  13. The Social Security Number of the deceased
  14. Deceased's birthplace
  15. Some states also ask for the birthplace of both parents
  16. There may be other information asked by individual states

Please note that in most cases the death certificates are official records but the records are closed to the general public for a period of time, usually 25 to 50 years. You cannot just go to the local health department and get a copy of a person’s death certificate without some reason or relationship to the deceased. This is to protect private information and keep that private information just that, private.