What Happens When Death Occurs?

flags memorial deathThe days and weeks following a death can be very difficult for survivors and Caring Cremations wants you to know that we are here to help. The many details which must be completed before cremation can happen are reviewed below. This will not answer all of your questions. A Caring Cremation professional should be contacted for more detailed information.

One call to Caring Cremations is all that is needed to notify us of a death. We then make the necessary arrangements with licensed funeral providers in your area that are part of our vast network of trained and caring professionals. Trained personnel will transport the deceased from the place of to death to a certified holding facility for care and refrigeration. Careful steps are taken to safeguard the privacy and dignity of the family concerned. Remember, it is important to call Caring Cremations before making any arrangements with other providers which could, and often would, increase costs to you or your loving survivors. Families are contacted as quickly as possible after a death and information is gathered to initiate and coordinate services. Calling us and giving us the City and State, will allow us to contact the most appropriate cremation provider for your situation.

Forms, certificates and authorizations must be completed pursuant to applicable laws before a cremation can take place. In certain circumstances it may be necessary to speak with professionals at our central office to complete arrangements and to obtain specific information about additional services. When the need for our services is imminent, a simple call a few hours ahead of time will often over come a great amount of unneeded and unnecessary stress. Calling our office at 281-337-8300, will be of benefit shortly before or after death occurs.

You may call call 832-603-3980 in the case of an emergencty.

A death certificate is required by law and is completed by providers contacted by Caring Cremations. With the necessary information provided by the family, the cremation process will go smoothly. The certificate will be delivered to the physician or medical examiner for the listing of the official cause of death and the required legal signatures. Caring Cremations has little, if any, control over the length of time necessary for these signatures to be obtained. Autopsies and medical records may delay signatures by physicians and medical examiners. Permits for cremation can not be obtained until the medical authorities provide these signatures in most instances. Please remember that most doctors, hospitals and medical examiners do not hold regular clinic and office hours on weekends and holidays. Many states have a minimal number of hours or days that are required to pass before direct cremation can take place.

Please also have an idea of the number of certified copies of a death certificate that will be required. In general, a signature on a legal document will be required in case of death. This includes, but is not limited to credit cards, social security, the Veteran's Administration, real property including houses and land, and motor vehicles. Stocks and Bonds and Bank accounts usually require certified copies of the death certificate to close the account and to transfer available funds to survivors. Most often, a Veteran will receive a copy of the death certificate at no cost to survivors. Some states charge the same amount for each death certificate. Other states charge more for the first certified copy and less for each additional copy of the death certificate. The veteran's copy is almost always considered an additional copy and rarely the first copy. A certified copy of the death certificate will usually be required for receiving Veteran's and Social Security benefits. Our trained professionals will assist with an assessment of the number of death certificates that would be necessary for an individual being cremated.

We suggest that the correct number of certified copies of the death certificate be ordered at the time of death and with the notification of the death to our central office. We can, and will, order additional death certificates at a later date, but this often calls for unwanted delays. It is best to order the proper number, or close to it, at the time of the initial cremation arrangements.

The cremation usually takes place within 5-7 days once the necessary authorizations and documents have been properly signed and have been filed with the local health department. As mentioned above, sometimes we encounter circumstances beyond our control. This happens when local, state or federal agencies, police, county coroners, or medical examiners become involved and investigate the circumstances surrounding a death.

When a death has taken place away from home cremation arrangements are much the same. Your Caring Cremations professional is able to assist your family with most distant death arrangements that occur in a city or area away from your usual residence.

A memorial may be requested by the family of the deceased. Our focus is to provide options to assist families with this decision. The most important thing is to create a farewell event that is meaningful and satisfying to you and to others who will participate and to establish a means of permanent memorialization that best suits your needs and your loved one's wishes. Please keep in mind there is no standard cremation arrangement, so as you go through the planning process we want to ensure your service and memorialization choices provide comfort and meaning that feel right for you.

These steps may vary between states, but the basic process is the same im most states and in most areas of Canada.